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The Honda Crosstour was a mid-size crossover SUV introduced by Honda in 2009. It was initially marketed as the Honda Accord Crosstour, and was based on the popular Honda Accord sedan which is relevant in its sleek style and bold stance.

The Honda Sedan Crossover Hybrid

The Crosstour was designed to provide the versatility of an SUV with the comfort and handling of a sedan and was aimed at drivers who wanted a fuel-efficient vehicle for their daily commute. Tack on an amazing amount of cargo space and off-road capabilities of an SUV and the Crosstour quickly gained its well-earned positive reviews. It was also praised for its advanced safety features and impressive fuel efficiency. However, despite its popularity with some drivers, the Crosstour struggled to find a wide audience and was eventually discontinued in 2015 after just six years on the market. It holds up today as its 2010 model placed # 3 for wagons by U.S. News.

Maintaining Your Honda Crosstour

Honda designed the Crosstour to last hundreds of thousands of miles. This is only possible with the correctly fitted replacement parts and routine maintenance. That's why when drivers need a new oil filter, rotor disc replacement, or replacement floor mats, they rely on our online catalog for everything Honda. Pair with your model the easy way and order your parts from your home PC or smartphone.

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